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Disney Cup

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Is it a soccer tournament or a vacation?

Both. If you add to the best soccer tournament there is, the most incredible vacation that you could imagine, the end result is the Disney Cup. The Disney Cup is possibly the most spectacular summer soccer tournament of the world, with their more than 15 years of experience and the participation of around 250 teams, both girl’s and boy’s, from 20 different countries. And what’s more, you’ll stay at a Walt Disney Resort and enjoy their famous theme and water parks with your teammates and your family.

Where does the Disney Cup take place?

In the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex inside the Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando-Florida), near your hotel and the Disney parks. The sports complex has spectacular sports facilities including 17 grass soccer fields.

Who organizes the tournament?

The tournament is organized by ESPN, the leading sports coverage channel property of the Walt Disney Company. Quality, security and organization are a guarantee.

How old do I have to be to participate?

You can take part in the tournament as long as you’ve turned 9 years old.

Can I go with my own team?

Yes, we can register all the players from your team as long as you all have reached the minimum age required by the organization.

What if my friends and I aren’t enough to form a complete team?

No problem, in that case there are two options: a) We can complete your team with players your own age coming from teams in the same situation as you. b) We assign to your team American players that volunteer to be a part of the tournament. This option is great because you can share experiences and language with local players.

In which category am I going to play?

The categories are formed depending on age groups, year-by- year, starting at 9. In this upcoming edition, the teams will play in the category determined by the oldest player. In each category there can be players younger than what the category establishes but never older.

What is the competition level?

The tournament has a great level; anyway, in most of the categories you can choose between gold, silver or bronze group depending on your team’s level. That way we make sure that you’ll have a great time and that the matches will be as challenging as possible.

How many games will I play?

A minimum of four in four days, and if your team qualifies, you will play the finals too.

Can my friends and family go?

Of course! They will stay at your hotel, they can go cheer you on to the matches and they can enjoy as much as you the theme and water parks of Walt Disney World.


Trip dates: July 14- July 24, 2018 Tournament dates: July 16 -July 22, 2018.

What does the price include?


  • Plane tickets from Madrid
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel
  • Shuttles from the hotel to Walt Disney parks and the ESPN Sport Complex


  • 9 nights in Disney’s Pop Century Resort in quadruple rooms.

Walt Disney World parks ®:

  • Up to 4 visits to the Disney water parks: Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney´s Hollywood Studios Disney´s Animal Kingdom
  • Up to 2 to the Disney water parkes Disney Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Registration for the Disney Cup:

  • Registration of your team.
  • Public access to the sports complex.
  • Opening party with the rest of the competing teams.
  • Trophy and medals to the winners.