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Our Mission

We promote the development and grow of children with two basic aspects: knowledge and sports. We support our project in three basic pillars:


No Limits


Through our programs, children will be able to discover other cultures and ways of thinking that will contribute to enrich their vision of the world.

Sport Values


There are many positive values by practicing sport: perseverance, effort, solidarity, competition, satisfaction, passion … Positive values for your life.

Mente sana en cuerpo sano


Greek philosophy already teaches us that in order to achieve balance we need to work on our mind, body and soul. We support sport as an essential part of personal development.

Our History

We are a group of professionals led by Vanesa Gulias who collaborate to create products tailored to the needs of our customers. Our purpose is that they can live unforgettable experiences based on the practice of football and education.

Living and studying abroad and practicing sport have been determinant to start this beautiful Project, so we can give the opportunity to “your children” to have their own experience.

  • Fun 90%
  • Personal Development 98%
  • Competition 82%
  • Effort 88%


At Book & Ball we believe that sport is essential for personal development. It provides values such as effort, responsibility, teamwork and fun. Without even notice it, they integrate all those concepts in their personality. We are proud to be an active part of that experience and we work hard to make it as positive as possible.

Vanesa Gulias

Director, Book&Ball

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