Becas deportivas en USA, programa universitario en Estados Unidos

Sports Scholarship USA

If your passion is playing football and your dream is to study at a University in the United States, now you have the opportunity to obtain a sports scholarship that will help you finance your studies while you continue playing football.

What does the University Scholarship program consist of?


The university program is designed for international students to integrate in an American university as a native student and be part of the university’s soccer team.

Students must combine their studies with training and playing football matches, and they count with the full support of the staff. The university athletes are highly respected and enjoy great prestige due to the effort of combining both activities. A great and unique experience that will change your life.

Important Information

Access Date: August 2018
Start Date Process: Now
Location: East Coast USA (NY, New Jersey, Philadelphia)

How to participate in the process?


Perfect age: 16/17 years, you start your studies there.

If you have 18/19 and you have already began in Spain, you can also go as a “transfer student” and some of the subjects will be validated.


  • Good player (autonomic , national and honor division)
  • Good academic level (from 6.5-7 on average)
  • Economic capacity (the scholarship covers a % of the total cost)

What does the USA scholarship program include?



Accommodation in a university residence.

Meal plan





Tuition studies.

The scholarship is awarded annually during the 4 years of studies and the% may vary depending on the performance of the athlete.

Health insurance.



Advice and help throughout the process.

Help in the admission to the university and scholarship.

Advice on official exams.

Introduction of coaches and universities that best fit the needs of the student.

Open the registration deadline Do not wait any longer!

If you are interested in this program, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange an appointment with you and your family so that you have all the necessary information.